As you do not know what is the way of the wind, just as things enclosed in the full womb; so will you not know God's work...

Kohelet 11:5

Aaron Alfandari - Biography

Aaron ben Moses Alfandari (c. 1700–1774) was a Talmudic writer born in Smyrna. He emigrated to Palestine in his old age, where he met Azulai. He was the author of two works:

  • Yad Aharon (Aaron's Hand), a collection of notes on Ṭur Oraḥ Ḥayyim (the first part of which was published in Smyrna in 1735, and the second in Salonica in 1791) and on Ṭur Eben ha-'Ezer (Smyrna, 1756–66)
  • Mirkebet ha-Mishneh (The Second Chariot), a treatise on the first part of Maimonides' Yad ha-ḤazaḲah.

He died in Hebron in 1774. His grandson, Isaac Ardit, wrote a eulogy on him in his YeḲar ha-'Erek, Salonica, 1836.

Jewish Encyclopedia bibliography

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