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Aaron Gelman - Biography

Aaron Gelman (November 24, 1899 - May 1970) was an American artist.

Gelman was born November 24, 1899 to Jewish immigrant parents from Petach Tikva, Palestine.

Gelman was a member of the New York School of Painting, of which George Luks was the best known member. This school followed the Hudson School of Painting. He worked on oils, pastels, etchings, drawings and sculptures. He was a close friend of fellow artist Harris "Harry" Rodvogin.

Gelman was a WPA Artist.

Gelman died in May 1970 in Israel, where he had returned later in life. He was a brother-in-law to Philip Solomon uncle to Linda Solomon, and one of his grandchildren is the actress Kimiko Gelman. His grandfather, Avraham Yaakov Gelman was one of the 11 founding families of Mazkeret Batya (Ekron). These emigrant families came from Ruzhany, with support from the Baron de Rothschild, to settle Moshav Ekron.

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