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Kohelet 5:14

Aaron Goldberg - Biography

Aaron Goldberg (born April 30, 1974, in Boston, Massachusetts) is a jazz pianist based in New York City. He began studying piano at seven and studied under Bob Sinicrope of Milton Academy and saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi. In 1991, at age 17, he studied at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music before enrolling at Harvard University, where he won the International Association of Jazz Educators' Clifford Brown/Stan Getz Fellowship award and became a member of Betty Carter's Jazz Ahead program. After graduating from Harvard in 1996, he performed as a sideman and is most associated with saxophonist Joshua Redman. Recently, Aaron has been touring and recording with young guitar guru Kurt Rosenwinkel. In 2005 he toured South America with Madeleine Peyroux and spent 6 months performing with the Wynton Marsalis quartet as well as the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra. Aaron's recorded credits includes work with artists Guillermo Klein, Terry Gibbs and Buddy DeFranco, John Ellis, Jimmy Greene and Eli Degibri. His debut album as a leader was Turning Point. His most recent release is Home. Goldberg received a Master's in Analytic Philosophy from Tufts University, working under Daniel Dennett in 2010. Goldberg currently lives in Brooklyn.

A piece from his album Worlds, OAM's Blues, can be found in the Sample Music folder on all Windows Vista systems.



Albums as leader

  • Turning Point (1999)
  • Unfolding (2001)
  • Worlds (2006)
  • Home (2010)

Albums as co-leader

  • Live in Sevilla (feat. Mark Turner) (2003) Oam Trio
  • Flow (2002) Oam Trio
  • Trilingual (1999) Oam Trio

Albums as sideman

  • More To Come (2007) Jonathan Voltzok
  • Braid (2007) 3 Cohens
  • The Ancient Art Of Giving (2006) Omer Avital
  • The Things I Am (2006) Reuben Rogers
  • Emotionally Available (2006) Eli Degibri
  • In The Beginning (2003) Eli Degibri
  • In The Morning (2006) Michael Blanco
  • Can't Wait for Perfect (2006) Bob Reynolds
  • By a Thread (2006) John Ellis
  • One Foot in the Swamp (2005) John Ellis
  • Roots, Branches, and Leaves (2002) John Ellis
  • Elbow Room (2005) Vincent Gardner
  • One (2005) Chris Higginbotham
  • Unearth (2005) Jonathan Kreisberg
  • Ocean Avenue (2005) Klemens Martkl
  • Vintage (2005) Kathy Kosins
  • All Stars 10th Anniversary Tribute (2004) Fresh Sound
  • The Unquiet (2002) Matt Penman
  • Passage of Time (2001) Joshua Redman
  • Beyond (2000) Joshua Redman
  • Times Change (2001) Wayne Escoffery
  • Swingin' (2001) Mark Elf
  • Deelings (2001) Darren Barrett
  • Magali Souriau Orchestra Live at Birdland (2000) Magali Souriau
  • Live At Birdland (2000) Various Artists
  • Brand New World (2000) Jimmy Greene
  • Introducing Jimmy Greene (2000) Jimmy Greene
  • Empathy (1999) Tony Gaboury
  • The Calling (1999) Richard Boulger
  • Serendipity (1998) Gregory Tardy
  • Wham (1998) Terry Gibbs / Buddy DeFranco
  • The Justin Mullins Quintet (1998) Justin Mullens
  • El Minautauro (1996) Guillermo Klein
  • My Spirituals (1994) Bibi Black

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