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Aaron Kamin - Biography

Aaron Kamin (born Aaron Kamm Kamin, August 10, 1977, Studio City, California) is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is a founding member of the band, The Calling.


Kamin, the son of an attorney and a teacher, and attended high school in the San Fernando Valley.

Raised on a steady diet of classic rock and grunge music, Kamin formed The Calling in his family's garage with Alex Band. They released two albums: Camino Palmero and Two as well as a number of hit singles, including "Wherever You Will Go." The band also won MTV's award for "Best New Band".

Since The Calling disbanded in 2005, Kamin has been producing and writing songs for several different artists, including Joanna Pacitti, Hodges Taylor, and Diego Boneta.

Kamin is Jewish.


Aaron Kamin had a guest appearance on Bascom Hills Web Series "Crash Course to Stardom"

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