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About Am haZikaron Institute

The "Am haZikaron" Institute of Science and Heritage of the Jewish People is a non-profit Israeli organization based in Tel Aviv, which has been established in 1998 by a group of volunteers. The Institute's mission is to make the Jews and their descendants closer to their roots. "Am haZikaron" works in several directions to achieve this purpose.

Institute’s activity includes educational programs for youth, help in investigating the family roots, and the scientific research. The Institute conducts a special workshop "Generations" for the participants of the "Birthright" program, at the moment available for the Russian-speaking participants only, but ready to be launched also for English-speaking and Spanish-speaking youth. Besides, the Institute participated in the creation of a website based on mass-collaboration principles that allows Jewish relatives from all over the world to create their family tree with the aid of Institute’s best researchers. "Am haZikaron" continuously feeds the website with the Jewish families’ history-related information and publishes a specialized journal.

Within the framework of its scientific research the Institute uses the methods of science to search for laws that govern the behavior of the Jewish People considered as a complex system, acting throughout the human history.

"Am haZikaron" activities were praised by several newspapers and received official support of many socially prominent figures, including the President of the State of Israel, members of the Israeli Knesset and 10 Nobel laureates. Institute researchers were interviewed by the journalists of 9th Russian-speaking Israeli channel and by their English-speaking colleagues of the 33th channel.

Carrying out its scientific studies, "Am haZikaron" cooperates with such a prominent research institutes as Tel-Aviv University and Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot.

In March 2007 one of the studies of the Institute - “The Jewish People as a phenomenon of historical longevity: on the theory of meta-clans and the principles of survival” – has been awarded "Zeiti Yerushalaim" prize and medal for the contribution to the national heritage and its development. According to the "Zeiti Yerushalaim" prize committee, the Institute creates by its activity a new area of knowledge on a human being, the one that resonates closely with the deeper notions of the Judaism on the human place in the world.

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