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Bava Qamma 2:6

Isaac Larian - Biography

Isaac Larian (born March 28, 1954 in Kashan, Iran) is the Chief Executive Officer of MGA Entertainment, the biggest privately owned toy company in the world.

Larian arrived from Iran alone at the age of 17 and after graduating from California State University, Los Angeles in civil engineering, he started a business exporting electronic goods. Later in 2000, he expanded the company to include the creation, development and marketing of the Bratz doll. Two of the dolls bear the names of his children, son Cameron and daughter Jasmin (although her doll uses the Persian spelling Yasmin). Currently his third child doesn't have a Bratz doll, but that can change with the next release. Larian has 3 sisters and one brother. Isaac Larians wife's name is Angela Neman.

He was named "Entrepreneur of the Year" (Consumer Products category) by Ernst & Young in 2004. He was also named the overall national "Entrepreneur of the Year" by Ernst & Young in 2007. His motto, "Fortune favors the bold" is displayed throughout MGA's building.

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