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Options Of Veins Surgical Treatments and Their Side Effects

 Vein Treatment la Jolla is one the highly regarded medical remedies for treating enlarged and bulgy veins that are normally seen around thighs and legs. This kind of problem happens mainly to women who are 40+ in age and to those who suffer from hormonal fluctuations. Further problems could be related to hereditary and aging. Hereditary and aging are factors that could aggravate the problem. But some other causes are activities that strain the legs or put pressure on the legs are the best thing if you want varicose veins. This can cause the failure of blood flow in the veins which ultimately gets in the category of varicose veins. A large number of people are dealing with this issue in one form or another, that is why there are various other things available at the varicose vein treatment San Jose.


Sclerotherapy- when it comes to this sort of treatment, a specific solution that contains saline agents is being introduced into the veins. It eliminates those large and bulgy blood vessels from the systems. It is not relevant though in all sorts of varicose veins, for it is not effective in correcting the small and tiny veins for the correction. There are potential complications that can appear in this treatment but these should not discourage you from getting the treatment. Let’s get familiar with the same:


Side effects: Allergic reactions may happen because of the solution if not inserted in the correct vein. Skin ulceration, inflammation, and discoloration are also potential downsides. An experienced doctor who has undergone specialized training is best hired so that you can avoid these kinds of complications.


Microphlebectomy - this kind of treatment involves an incision from which varicose veins are lifted up. This is one of the suggested varicose vein treatment near me san Jose for correcting the bigger vein issues.


Side effects: such as bruising and scar because of the incision. Bleeding and allergic reactions can also be considered as probable things. There is a very small chance that serious complications can come to the surface but these chances can also get less when you try it from the vein specialist San Jose.


Endovenous Laser Therapy: this sort of treatment requires an incision of the skin to include a laser catheter upon it. This catheter warms up the walls of the veins, narrows it, and shuts them. This sort of treatment is economical which can only be finished in less than an hour in the office of a vein doctor near me san Jose.


Side effects: One of the leading side effects is the allergic response from the solutions used. Scarring cannot be bypassed in the incision and chances of infection can also happen. Nerve injury and persistent swelling of the leg can also occur if the treatment is not done well.


There are also procedures that do not require surgical approaches such as the application of compression stockings. These compression stockings can give you comfort from pain caused by swollen and knotted veins, so it would be enough to put them on in the morning. .

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