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 When talking about acoustic comfort, you often think of sound insulation problems to reduce exterior noise pollution. Suppose this dimension is to be considered in the layout of its offices. It is also unnecessary to neglect the noise pollution emitted by its activity, which can harm its collaborators' productivity and comfort, particularly in open spaces. Retail Fitout Company gives you some solutions to improve the acoustic comfort of your offices.

The choice of office furniture

Furniture is an important part of corporate office design. Indeed, the choice of furniture guarantees the comfort of employees daily. It would be best to keep only these words in mind: ergonomics, functionality and aesthetics. Once the walls are repainted, the doors and windows installed, and the flooring refurbished, you can think about the furniture.

First, choose office tables and ergonomic chairs. For example, it is better to buy rotating chairs with armrests, wheels and a comfortable backrest. They will facilitate the movement of employees while offering maximum comfort. As for the tables, they should neither be too high nor too low.

Always optimize space

A successful office layout is not so much the one where you have chosen the most beautiful furniture. It is rather the one where you have used the available space intelligently. A functional office must have enough storage so that no paperwork is scattered everywhere. Likewise, your office space must be well ventilated so that your mind is also well ventilated when you use your workspace.

Fit out and Refurbishment provides individual and lockable storage so that everyone can keep their personal belongings safe. You can also call on professionals in corporate office layout.

Office Refurbishment Companies provide simple solutions to reduce resonance within a room, especially in open spaces. The installation of decorative acoustic panels on the walls and the ceilings can considerably reduce the ambient sound background of a shared office. 

This acoustic furniture exists in different styles, from the soberest to the most original, to fit perfectly into the decoration of your workspaces. If you plan rearrangement work, you can also opt for acoustic partitions whose performance will limit internal noise and soundproof each room.

Maintain conviviality and team dynamics without compromising acoustic comfort

Other layout solutions are also possible to supplement or complete the installation of acoustic panels. These can be mini-partitions or acoustic separators placed between workstations to discreetly isolate them from each other without losing the advantages of open space. These acoustic reducers will considerably limit the nuisance associated with telephone conversations. You can also set up a phone box to create a space dedicated to your employees' phone calls.

Spaces dedicated to exchanges

Finally, if you want to allow your teams to meet to discuss a project or a mission or even receive a client, you can install a collective acoustic cabin. Commercial Fit Outs Sydney can also provides ready-to-install models. You will thus be able to preserve the spirit and the dynamic of exchanges favoured by open spaces and corps working spaces while preserving the acoustic comfort of all your employees.

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