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Steve Dubinsky - Biography

Steven Dubinsky (born July 9, 1970, in Montreal, Quebec) is a retired professional ice hockey player who played in the NHL with the Chicago Blackhawks, Calgary Flames, Nashville Predators and St. Louis Blues. He played centre and shot left-handed.



Dubinsky was drafted in the 11th round, 226th overall in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft. From there he played for Clarkson University, where he led the team in scoring his junior year and played with future NHLers Craig Conroy and Todd Marchant. After college Dubinsky reported to the Indianapolis Ice of the IHL where he played the majority of the 1993–1994 season before playing 28 games with the Blackhawks that same season.

Dubinsky bounced between the Ice and the Blackhawks before finally earning a full-time roster spot with the Blackhawks for the 1997–1998 season. That year he played in all 82 games and scored a career high 18 points. The following season he played one game with the Blackhawks before being traded to the Calgary Flames. He played there for 2 years before rejoining the Blackhawks for the 2000–2001 season. The 2001–2002 season saw Dubinsky being traded yet again from the Blackhawks, this time to the Nashville Predators. Dubinsky then signed as a free agent with the St. Louis Blues for the 2002–2003, but a head injury during the season limited him to only 28 games, and he retired following the season. He currently works for Fan-tastic Sports in Lakeville, Minnesota.

Career statistics

    Regular season  
Season Team League GP G A Pts PIM
1993–1994 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 27 2 6 8 16
1994–1995 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 16 0 0 0 8
1995–1996 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 43 2 3 5 14
1996–1997 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 5 0 0 0 0
1997–1998 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 82 5 13 18 57
1998–1999 Blackhawks-Calgary Flames NHL 62 4 10 14 14
1999–2000 Calgary Flames NHL 23 0 1 1 4
2000–2001 Chicago Blackhawks NHL 60 6 4 10 33
2001–2002 Blackhawks-Nashville Predators NHL 29 6 2 8 14
2002–2003 St. Louis Blues NHL 28 0 6 6 4
10 Years Totals NHL 375 25 45 70 164

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