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Things to expect from a pain management specialist

 Do you know what does a pain management specialist do with your chronic pain treatment? These are specialists who diagnose your pain and suggest a wide variety of procedures to reduce the pain. Immediate pain issues such as headaches and other kinds of long lasting chronic pain such as low back pain are also treated at pain management clinics. Doctors offer a mix of medication based treatments that can eliminate the pain at its source.

Types of pain

When you search in Google for ‘best knee doctor near me or knee specialist doctor near me’, you will come up with a list of specialists in your area that deal with different types of pain such as arthritis, stroke, back pain and many more. Types of pain being treated at pain clinics come into three groups.

Pain due to tissue injury – This includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

Disorders in the nervous systems that cause pain, such as multiple sclerosis, stroke, spinal cord injury and neuropathy

Mixed pain disorders that include neck pain, back pain, cancer, etc.

Experience of a pain management doctor

When you search in Google for ‘back and spine specialist near me or orthopedic neck specialist near me’, you will come to know that reliable doctors have many years of successful experience in medical training. They receive a wide education in medical school and then obtain another 4 years of good level of training in fields like physical medicine, anesthesiology, neurology and rehabilitation. Finally, they complete a year of training that fully focuses on pain treatment. This makes them capable to receive a certificate from the American Board of Pain Medicine.

Different treatment approaches

Look for ‘orthopedic doctor for knee pain near me or doctor for knee pain near me’, and you will come to know that pain management treatment start with a primary care physician who will provide basic pain medications and physical therapy. You need to see a pain management doctor for advanced pain treatment. These specialists are trained to treat you in a manner that brings reliable results.

Pain management specialists offer first line treatment that includes medications like muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatories, anti-depressants, etc. They may also suggest injections that reduce pain, such as spinal injections or nerve blocks. Second line treatment includes advanced techniques such as viscos supplementation or radiofrequency ablation. Third line treatment includes implants with a spinal cord stimulator or a pain pump. These techniques help patients to reduce pain at the level of spinal cord. Regenerative treatment is another approach at this stage.

Pain Management doctor

When you look for ‘back and neck specialist near me or neck and spine specialist near me’, you will be given a list of doctor expert in pain management. A good pain management doctor will communicate with you from the heart. Experience and compassion are other major qualities that a reliable and reputed pain management doctor showcases. Search a lot and research each doctor you narrow down and then pick up the right doctor for consultation.

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