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What Is NADD Dock Diving And USDAA Events?

 What is dock diving?

Dock diving is a rapidly growing dog sport. North American Diving Dogs (NADD) is a non-profit organization that has improved the sport by collaborating with dock diving facilities and competitors throughout North America.

Dock diving is a simple concept: you toss a toy into a pool, and your dog leaps from a dock to retrieve it. The sport's goal is for the dog to jump the farthest. When a diving dog runs the length of a dock and leaps, as far out into the water as possible, it is usually pure joy in motion.

Dog sports are a great way to enjoy yourself outdoors in a unique way if you own a dog and want to have amazing fun with your dog. The time you spend with your dog while training for agility or rallying them into obedience can be extremely rewarding. It is unlike any other activity you can enjoy with your dog.

Antinol has been embraced by NADD as an alternative supplement for dog joint health. That is because dock diving dogs require healthy joints to maintain momentum and achieve the best launch possible. Collaboration with NADD to raise awareness of and importance of joint health so as to help dock diving dogs leap as far and as high as possible while also maintaining mobility for as long as possible has featured Antinol as the favorite joint health supplement for the diving dogs.

NADD dock diving

NADD dock diving is divided into three competitions: distance jumping, air retrieve, and hydro dash. It is a canine sport in which dogs are enticed to run the length of a dock and leap as far out into the water as possible to compete for height and distance.

The dogs are encouraged to fly by throwing a prized toy just out of reach to help them maintain momentum and achieve the best launch angle possible.

A dog jumps from a dock into the water in pursuit of a toy thrown just out of reach in distance jumping. In air retrieve, the dog leaps to grab a toy suspended above the water's surface and moves away from the dock with each successful jump. The dog must jump from the dock, swim to the toy at the far end of the pool, and then hydro dash back to the dock.

NADD events

NADD events are divided into two categories: open and lap. Dogs of any size compete in the "open" division, whereas dogs measuring less than 16 inches from the withers, or the ridge between their shoulder blades, compete in the "lap" division. There are five classes within each of the two general divisions, ranging from novice to elite.

Both NADD and usdaa events offer unique opportunities for dog owners to learn about the important link between their dogs' mobility and wellness as they age.

What is USDAA?

"USDAA" is an acronym for the United States Dog Agility Association. USDAA collaborateswith dog owners to help them understand the importance of the connection between dog mobility and wellness. Antinol has been a choice alternative food supplement that USDAA has helped dog owners appreciate the importance of its long-term use toward dealing with dog joint health.

USDAA’s awareness creation about Antinol has helped many dog owners become more aware of the common mobility issues that aging dogs and dogs participating in sports face. For dog owners who have used Antinol, reports indicate that this has helped to improve and maintain the quality of life for their dogs.

Need more information about NADD and USDAA events?

You can get more information about NADD and USDAA events by clicking here and following the instructions. The link also provides you with the ways you can help your diving dog maintain its agility and mobility, as well as in improving and maintaining the quality of its life.

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