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What are the things you should know before varicose vein treatment?

 The main reason which creates the varicose vein is when the blood flows in the wrong direction. This flow of blood in the wrong direction is due to the faulty valves of the veins. The varicose veins are often blue or purple in appearance. They are swollen, enlarged, and twisting veins which can be seen clearly in the legs of a person who is suffering from Varicose veins.

According to research, more than 23 percent of adults are going through varicose vein problems across the world. In the United States alone, every 1 in 4 adults is going through this problem. In most cases, it does not require treatment. You can treat it with some home remedies. But in case, the aching, pain, and swelling are severe then you need to go for varicose vein treatment near me. To know more read this article.

.Vein Specialist


A vein specialist is a doctor who is specialized in treating varicose veins. For a vein specialist, it is mandatory to complete formal training in endovenous procedures. Qualified vein specialist California must possess training in interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, and interventional radiology. To get the board certifications, they also have other specialties like internal medicine, pain management, or family medicine.


When you are having such a varicose veins problem you can always go to the vein specialist near me options to get the immediate consultancy. There are several other advantages of vein specialists.

They are ABMS board-certified specialists.
During their training period, the Interventional Specialists possess unique skills in invasive techniques.




Vein Doctor


Not all vein doctors are vascular surgeons, you should know this before going to a vein doctor. Becoming a vascular surgeon requires a significant amount of skill and experience in vascular management. You must consider an ABMS board-certified vein doctor for veins treatment.


The physician you would choose for your varicose vein should be highly trained either in vascular surgery, interventional radiology, or interventional cardiology. There are various kinds of options that you can explore for your varicose vein treatment. The several options like Surgery, Ligation and Stripping, Sclerotherapy, and, Endovenous laser treatment. Your doctor can be categorized in one of three categories across the country.

Vascular Surgeon
Vein Specialist


Cost of vein treatment


Yes, you should also concern about the cost of the vein treatment. The Stripping surgery ranges from $1500 to $3,000 plus other charges of the surgery center. While $600 to $3,000 is the cost for the EVLT. The EVLT cost may vary as it depends on how much of your veins need to be treated. You can also use the insurance in the varicose veins treatment.


The researchers have found that the pain is more in the EVLT treatment as compared to the vein stripping surgery. EVLT patients have an average of eight days of pain after their treatment. In the HLS treatment, the pain will remain for up to 18 days. Whereas, The pain after stripping surgery is slightly less than the HLS treatment.


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