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What happens When you have a Tooth Abscess?

 Anyone may have a toothache, but if the pain persists and keeps making you feel discomfort for more than a day and gives extreme pain, this means it is a more common toothache. And this could be an Abscess Tooth, a kind of infection within a tooth that has spread to the root tip or around the root causing the pain.


A dental abscess is a collection of pus that is developed up of dead white blood cells, tissue detritus, and bacteria providing pain in your mouth.   


An abscessed tooth can be mild with only a small infection, or it can be progressive-invading not only the mouth but the whole body. Here are the tooth abscess stages:


In the first stage of a dental abscess begins the outer layers of the teeth on the protective coating called enamel. Bacteria that naturally exist inside the mouth begin to attack the enamel and will eventually weaken, and break a small hole. This time you may also have mild pain. Sensitivity to hot and cold elements, as well as pain if the tooth is tapped, are common symptoms.


Once the tooth abscess progresses to the second stage inside the dentin. By producing acids, the bacteria burrow deeper and deeper into the tooth. Eventually reaching the innermost layer of the teeth where the root and nerves provide the tooth with life-giving blood. Once bacteria have reached the nerve, the pain may be so severe that daily activities and work may be affected. Bacteria can grow very quickly and can begin to invade surrounding tissue, ligaments, and bone.


In the worst case, the germs enter the bloodstream through the inside of the tooth and float out into the rest of the body, where they attack other organs. This may result in a condition known as sepsis, or an infection of the bloodstream, and can cause death if the infection remains untreated.


If your tooth is badly damaged and has critical conditions of Tooth abscess you can ask the dentist to extract the tooth permanently from the mouth. As it can also affect the other nearby teeth area and infect them for further infection-causing similar diseases. Tooth abscess home remedy are specific species of peppermint and spearmint oils are proved to be anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antimicrobial. So get your mouth in mint condition.


An abscessed tooth should be gotten rid of within a few days of treatment. You just need to follow the tips of your dentist and make sure the infection doesn’t spread to another area. By practicing good oral health and hygiene and having regular dental checkups every six months can reduce the risk of an abscessed tooth.


Tooth extraction is the last tooth abscess treatment option to get rid of this issue, your dentist may also suggest this option.  It also prevents the mouth from developing any similar infection to a nearby tooth that can be easily affected due to the spread of bacteria and infection. So, you can visit your nearest dentist in Houston, and get the right Dental Abscess Treatments for abscess teeth.

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