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Which Anti-Inflammatory Medications are Safe to Give to my Dog?

 Anti-inflammatory meds for dogs

Just like us, dogs experience a range of different hip and joint problems. The problems include everything from arthritis to hip dysplasia. These are accompanied by pain and inflammation that make life quite uncomfortable for the dogs.

Inflammation can particularly cause a lot of problems for a dog, which makes many dog owners wonder if giving their dogs an anti-inflammatory medication can improve the situation.

Anti-inflammatory meds for dogs are medications that are designed to reduce inflammation in dogs. Inflammation is part of the immune response of a dog’s body. The problem is, this immune response can lead to swelling, pain, and other symptoms that can make life difficult for the affected dog.

Some chronic conditions cause inflammatory cells to be sent out by a dog’s body even when there is no illness or injury. All these situations can for an appointment with your veterinarian, who may prescribe anti-inflammatory meds for dogs to treat the underlying dog arthritis or other conditions that cause joint pain and swelling.

The anti-inflammatory medications that are safe for dogs

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatories are a powerful tool for reducing inflammation and are used to treat a wide range of medical conditions in dogs. However, there may be side effects if your dog takes anti-inflammatories, which is why working with your veterinarian or a trusted supplier of dog medicines is always advisable.

It doesn’t matter how a particular medicine or over the counter anti-inflammatory for dogs has been packaged with regard to safety, the bottom-line is that before you give your dog any of these, talk to your veterinary about the potential side effects and whether it is the right one for your dog.

Most anti-inflammatory meds for dogs are considered non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). This means that they don’t use steroids to reduce inflammation. While steroids are an effective method of treating inflammation in dogs, they have been associated with adverse side effects.

Choosing the right anti-inflammatory for dogs is important, and when it comes to safety for your canine, looking at the FDA-approved anti-inflammatories is usually a great place to start. Some of the FDA-approved anti-inflammatory meds for dogs include Carprofen, Deracoxib, Firocoxib, Grapiprant, and Robenacoxib. You could also talk to your veterinarian about the best natural anti-inflammatory for dogs that you can give your dog.

Carprofen is a chewable, over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication for dogs that can be used to treat both inflammation and pain. This OTC anti-inflammatory for dogs comes in brand names like Rimadyl, Novox, and Vetprofen.

Deracoxib is an OTC anti-inflammatory for dogs that is available in beef-flavored tablets and is used to treat pain in dogs that results from osteoarthritis as well as pain caused by dental or orthopedic surgery.

Firocoxib is a COX-2 inhibitor that is used to treat pain in dogs. This medication comes under brand names that include Equioxx and Previcox.

Grapiprant is an over-the-counter dog medicine that arthritis patients primarily use to treat mild to moderate cases of inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

Meloxicam is one of the few FDA-approved anti-inflammatory meds for dogs that can also be used for humans. This anti-inflammatory can be used to treat osteoarthritis as well as general pain and inflammation in dogs.

Robenacoxib is also a COX-2 inhibitor used to treat inflammation in dogs. Onsior is the brand name for the medication.

Need more information on safe anti-inflammatories for dogs?

The best way to get reliable information about safe anti-inflammatories for dogs is to talk with your veterinarian or a renowned supplier or distributor of dog medications. It is important to stress that, should you feel that your dog requires any form of medication, including a natural anti-inflammatory for dogs, always consult your veterinarian.

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