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Semen Bergman

Semen Bergman

Semen Bergman
  • Occupation types
    Enterprise -
    activity related to business and commercial work.

    This type of activity includes following professions:

    • manager,
    • businessman,
    • director,
    • high-level bureaucrat, etc.
  • Comments
    Ему принадлежала в Москве небольшая лавка колониальных товаров.


Family tree

Semen Bergman

(Hamburg - )

(Hamburg - )

(18461846 Gregorian
1845 Julian
5606 Hebrew
, Moscow - 19241924 Gregorian
1923 Julian
5684 Hebrew
, Moscow)

(18441844 Gregorian
1843 Julian
5604 Hebrew
- 19331933 Gregorian
1932 Julian
5693 Hebrew


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