As he left his mother's womb, naked shall he return to go as he came...

Kohelet 5:14

Flora Ephron

Flora Ephron

Flora  Ephron
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    Not she, but her daughter Anna Rosenthal was married to Kochnitzky and his name was Michel, born in Tiraspol, Russian Empire. Flora was married to Lazar Rosenthal (from Suwalki, Poland) and they had at least this daughter, named Anna Rosenthal (married Kochnitzky), born in Suwalki, Poland. Anna and Michel had two sons - Leon and Nikola. This was proved by documents from State Archives of Belgium.
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    State Archives of Belgium


Family tree

Flora Ephron

(18461846 Gregorian
1845 Julian
5606 Hebrew

(18201820 Gregorian
1819 Julian
5580 Hebrew
, Vilno - 19041904 Gregorian
1903 Julian
5664 Hebrew
, Vilno)

(18281828 Gregorian
1827 Julian
5588 Hebrew
, Sejriyaj - 18611861 Gregorian
1860 Julian
5621 Hebrew
, Vilno)

(Suwalki - )

(May 1, 1869May 1, 1869 Gregorian
April 19, 1869 Julian
Iyar 20, 5629 Hebrew
, Suwalki - Brussels)

(Suwalki - )


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