Test yourself on mankind. It is something that makes the doubter doubt, the believer believe.

Franz Kafka

Lev Ferdman

Lev Ferdman

  • Occupation types
    Technical activity –
    activity directed to the resolution of technological problems, in the broad sense.

    This type of activity includes following professions:

    • engineer,
    • technical designer,
    • technologist,
    • agriculturalist, etc.
  • Comments
    Адъютант маршала артиллерийских войск. В начале 30-х годов приехал с женой Идой в Москву. Стал военспецом по снабжению армии лесоматериалами в Наркоматлесе. Скончался в 40 лет от язва желудка .


Family tree

Lev Ferdman

(about 1912about 1912 Gregorian
about 1911 Julian
about 5672 Hebrew
, Novohrad-Volynskyi - 19521952 Gregorian
1951 Julian
5712 Hebrew
, Yaroslavl)

(Novohrad-Volynskyi - 19891989 Gregorian
1988 Julian
5749 Hebrew
, Moscow)

(December 31, 1933December 31, 1933 Gregorian
December 18, 1933 Julian
Teveth 13, 5694 Hebrew
, Nikolskoe - August 20, 2009August 20, 2009 Gregorian
August 7, 2009 Julian
Av 30, 5769 Hebrew
, Moscow)


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