There is a righteous man perishing in righteousness, and there is a wicked man living long in his evil-doing.

Kohelet 7:15

Nahum Efros

Nahum Efros

Nahum Efros
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    Перепись по Двинску


Family tree

Nahum Efros

(about 1800about 1800 Gregorian
about 1799 Julian
about 5560 Hebrew
- before 1839before 1839 Gregorian
before 1838 Julian
before 5599 Hebrew

(about 1780about 1780 Gregorian
about 1779 Julian
about 5540 Hebrew
- )

(18191819 Gregorian
1818 Julian
5579 Hebrew
- after 1884after 1884 Gregorian
after 1883 Julian
after 5644 Hebrew

(18261826 Gregorian
1825 Julian
5586 Hebrew
, Dvinsk - )


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