No man controls the will to retain the spirit, and there is no ruling on the day of death; neither is there discharge in war, nor will wickedness save the one who practices it.

Kohelet 8:8

Igor Otman (Kissin)

Igor Otman (Kissin)

Igor Otman (Kissin)
  • Occupation types
    Technical activity –
    activity directed to the resolution of technological problems, in the broad sense.

    This type of activity includes following professions:

    • engineer,
    • technical designer,
    • technologist,
    • agriculturalist, etc.
  • Comments
    Инженер. Igor served in the army for two years, after which he graduated from the Energy Institute in Moscow, then gained employment at the Moscow Factory of Electromechanical Machinery as an engineer. In 1959 he married Emilia, who was a piano teacher. The name on the gravestone is Kissin.


Family tree

Igor Otman (Kissin)

(September 12, 1934September 12, 1934 Gregorian
August 30, 1934 Julian
Tishrei 3, 5695 Hebrew
, Moscow - May 30, 2012May 30, 2012 Gregorian
May 17, 2012 Julian
Sivan 9, 5772 Hebrew
, New York)

( - about 1974about 1974 Gregorian
about 1973 Julian
about 5734 Hebrew

(before 1951before 1951 Gregorian
before 1950 Julian
before 5711 Hebrew
- )

(19611961 Gregorian
1960 Julian
5721 Hebrew
, Moscow - )

(October 10, 1971October 10, 1971 Gregorian
September 27, 1971 Julian
Tishrei 21, 5732 Hebrew
, Moscow - )


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