Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms — to choose one's own way.

Viktor Frankl

Inna Glaser

Inna Glaser

Inna Glaser
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    Socio-intellectual activity –

    This type of activity includes following professions:

    • teacher,
    • lawyer,
    • doctor,
    • journalist, etc.
    Scholarly activity -
    activity related to the expansion of the limits of knowledge.

    This type of activity includes following areas:

    • science,
    • philosophy,
    • theology, etc.
  • Comments
    мать: Глейзер Майя Исааковна(30.04 35г.р)., бабушка: Сорокина Софья(Сэйна) Романовна(Рахмильевна)15.03.1916-23.07.1990 -место рождения: Сураж,Орловская/Брянская обл. дедушка:ГЛЕЙЗЕР Исаак Абрамович 25.10.1899-23.04.1989. - мест.Куринец.


Family tree

Inna Glaser

(April 12, 1963April 12, 1963 Gregorian
March 30, 1963 Julian
Nisan 18, 5723 Hebrew
, Samara - )


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