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Frank Paul

Frank Paul

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    Frank Paul was born in London in 1984 and his parents are the very renowned artists Celia Paul and Lucian Freud. Frank knew he wanted to be an artist from an early age; he doodled in his exercise books at school like most of us, only Frank has never really stopped. When I first encountered one of his drawings, it stopped me in my tracks and I knew that I wanted to own it. That feeling of being transported to another place is something you can readily experience, especially in Franks work. His figures are very intimate, provocative, revealing, people at their most reviling, depicting the fragility of the individual. They are also, on closer inspection, sinister and challenging, they draw you in inviting you to make up stories about them. Somewhere in there you feel you shouldn't be intruding but you cannot resist. Franks drawings also depict enigmatic figures traversing desolate environments. Both the people and the places seem familiar, yet are oddly out of place, refugees, pilgrims, and wanderers, trying to get to somewhere that is forever out of reach. I think they are answering a call that is consciously understandable, but resonates somewhere inside us all. It draws us to a place forgotten that we once knew about. They are compelling and revolting at the same time and yet they are captivating. To meet Frank is to meet someone from an entirely different world, time and place to the one most of us inhabit. He is gentle, shy almost gawkily uncomfortable in unfamiliar company but incredibly engaging. He has a steely determination to conquer this and is willing to put himself "out there" to experience where this might lead. To discover that he and a fellow Cambridge University student performed their own material at the Edinburgh Festival last year comes as a complete shock. To discover that he is a non smoking, non drinking vegetarian is not. I suspect there are many more things to learn about this young man, for now he remains an enigma. There is no doubt that genetically he has been blessed with the physical traits of his parents and it can already be seen that both sets of genes are blossoming in his artistic abilities. This is just the beginning and the prospect for the future is intriguing. Frank is currently working more oil paintings and particularly his portraiture skills. He has a very special project on the drawing board - a book of very carefully crafted anatomical drawings unlike anything seen before


Family tree

Frank Paul

(19841984 Gregorian
1983 Julian
5744 Hebrew
, London - )

(December 8, 1922December 8, 1922 Gregorian
November 25, 1922 Julian
Kislev 18, 5683 Hebrew
, Берлин - July 20, 2011July 20, 2011 Gregorian
July 7, 2011 Julian
Tammuz 18, 5771 Hebrew

(19591959 Gregorian
1958 Julian
5719 Hebrew
, Thiruvananthapuram - )


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