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И как не боятся трусы лежать на кладбищах героев?

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About family Stubenitsky

We know our preancester came tot the Netherlands in 1697 in the army with Tsaar Peter the Great from Poland (?) when this Tsaar wanted to learn building schips in the enviorement Amsterdam the Netherlands.

From that moment on we are living in the Netherlands with mij Dutch family name.

After many Polisch people having informed about our family name, nobody could help me.

Last week a Polish  medical doctor, well eduated, told me that Stuben is not a Polish word, but "Studen" belongs to the Polish words.

'Itsky is possible coming from the word Icki with possible a "v" sign above the letter "c".

That name is than written:"Studenicki".

This is a word known in the formal Yugoslavia or Bulgaria lands.

Once I saw in about 1736 Adolf Stubenitsky was emigrated to The America's.

Many people said to me that they are thinking my person is coming from Yewisch origen, my way of thinking, the way about analytical giving answers etcerera.

In my Bilble is written about St. Paul, he was on his 2e travel to Greece on the mainland, the envionment of the south of Bulgaria and maybe also the south of the formal Yugoslavia.

I know there is a famili Stubenitsky living in New Sealand, and also in France I think.

In the Netherlands are about 50 people living.

So surching the internet I discoverd this site, maybe someone can help me to find our roots, to know more about my "formal" ancesters from before 1697 and maybe the changing of my famely name.

I hope someone can help me with some information

With kindy regards

Автор статьи: Marco Stubenitsky
Темы статьи: Origin of the family
Эта статья про фамилии: Stubenitsky

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