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Alexander Kalyagin - biography

Alexander Kalyagin (b. May 25, 1942, Malmyzh, Kirov Oblast, USSR) is a Soviet/Russian actor and director, member of the Public Chamber of Russia, People's Artist of Russia (1983), Laureate of the State Prizes for his works in the theatre and the cinema. Best known for his role in 1975 film Hello, I'm Your Aunt!.



In 1965 he graduated from the Shchukin Teatrical School. He worked in Moscow Art Theatre and some other Moscow theaters. Currently he is an art director of the Moscow Theater 'Et Cetera'. In 1996 he was elected the Head of the Union of Theatrical Figures of Russia. In 2003 he joined the United Russia party.



  • Hello, I'm Your Aunt! (1975)
  • Wounded Game (1977)
  • Dead Souls (1984)
  • The Kreutzer Sonata (1987)
  • Me Ivan, You Abraham (1993)

voice actor

  • Leopold the Cat (1975-1987)
  • Tale of Tales (1979)
  • The Overcoat

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