The man who cannot survive bad times will not see good times.

Hasidic Proverb

Ilya Ilf (Yechiel Leib Faynzilberg) - biography

Ilya Ilf (Iehiel-Leyb (Ilya) Arnoldovich Faynzilberg; (Russian: Илья Арнольдович Файнзильберг, Ukrainian: Ієхієл-Лейб Арно́льдович Файнзільберг); October 15 [O.S. October 3] 1897 in Odessa – April 13, 1937) was an extremely popular Soviet author of the 1920s and 1930s, who worked in collaboration with Yevgeni Petrov. See Ilf and Petrov for more info.

Ilya Ilf died from tuberculosis.

Article author: Zipora Galitski
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The article is about these people:   Ilya Il'f (Yechiel Leib Fainzilberg)

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