The words of the wise are heard softly, more than the shout of a ruler of fools.

Kohelet 9:17

Shagal clan


Family name origin

Last name spellings

  • Shagal
  • Шагал
  • שגל

History and comments

About family Shagal

One story that has been running in our family says that as military service was mandatory for families with 2 or more sons, some members of Segal family have changed their last name to Segalovich and Shagal to avoid being recruited to the army...

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About family Shagal

When I was 5 years old, my mom told me I was a descendant of a read headed Jewish king. I thought she was kidding. 30 years later I was doing research on our family name and came across an article written by someone with no relation to our family. the write went on to say that Sagan (Seagal, and ultimately Shagal) was an honorary religious Levite title given to the royal family of Khazars. The last name means Assistant to the High Priest. Upon reading this I called my dad, and asked if we...

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